Monday, June 7, 2010

Nashville Speedway

My son Ory is now in the High School Marching Band. We had one of our first fundraisers on Saturday. I signed up to work at the Nashville Speedway at the Nascar Race.

Now I have NEVER been to a race or seen one.We worked before the race began. The workers for the band were in charge of the Hospitality Tent (private parties).

We scanned their tickets (my job) and the other people placed armbands on. Federated Auto parts was supposed to have 1100 people come and Allied Waste 50. Let me say there are all different types of people that I saw Saturday!

Here I am in front of the entrance to the private party. (you can see their tent in the background)
At the start of the race - they had parachuters come into the track - it was pretty cool!

When our shift was over - the man who was in charge of our group asked if a couple of us wanted to go down to the infield where several other workers were. By the time we got down there, the race had started. Now I must say that when they get up to speed - ( which I was told that is aroung 150 - 155 mph) it is VERY noisy. Earplugs a must. It was fun though!

I hope to work the next race in Aug. It is a truck race.

Who would have ever thought?!?

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  1. Cool Terena...I have been one time, but I would probably go again just to "people watch" to see all the fans!!!