Monday, July 19, 2010

More Jenni Bowlin goodness!

Jenni really rocked it with this new release!
These are her new chipboard buttons. I must say that in real life - they are very yummy!

Valentines Chipboard Buttons
Halloween Chipboard Buttons
Christmas Chipboard Buttons

These Vintage Sew-on buttons are to die for!!!! Oh my goodness - they come in black, brown (be still my heart) and yellow. I tried to talk her into doing teal also - I guess I will have to settle for the brown suggestion! They are yummy too!

New Pearl Buttons - these are a must see! They come in Blue, yellow, cream, red, pink & white. I really like the red ones.

Naked Chipboard shapes!
These were made to go with her butterfly banner stickers. They fit perfectly and will give them some dimension!

More Naked Chipboard!
These go with the banner stickers!

New to the Banner sticker collection - Star Banners.
I am anxious to see these used. These are not in house yet - I have only seen the proof! They come in multi-colored (shown), green, yellow & red.

Same with these - not in house yet
These are mini Chalkboard Alpha stickers. They will come in multi-colored (shown), yellow, black and reverse red!

And last but not least!
Vellum Butterflies
Now these are gorgeous! We have gotten samples of these in stock and I LOVE the brown and black, with the red coming in next. They are soooo dainty. Love the pearls in the middle of them also.
Until next time!

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